Air Jordan 11 low "Cool Grey" April 2018

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I'm glad my mids are still good

This is going to delay them releasing the real thing for another year or two
Lucky yours are still good, mine aren't fit to mow the lawn in even. :ohwell:You're probably right on the release though unless.....we get 2 holiday 11's (crosses fingers for Black Friday) we all know JB likes recycling materials (hence clear soles on everything now). We all know JB buys materials in bulk, maybe.?. they bought enough for mids too. I'm just hoping the a are a GR, and not some NRG limited crap...been wanting these way too long.
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Still have 2 pairs of 2001's (1 DS & 1 barley used) and my 2010's (barley worn). Will gladly add the lows to my collection as well.
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Minor change but MJ’s PE pair had leather on the ankle area...Think I prefer the way this release pair looks though...Might be a double up..,
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