Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019

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I hope they keep sending out future notifications. Did they notify for the black cement 3 and infrared 6 shock drops?
You get alerts from twitter and shoe apps faster than snkrs
Getting alerts from snkrs is hit or miss
I was already on the app constantly refreshing at 1 when i got alerts from twitter
I got an alert from snkrs while in line(pending)
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You get alerts from twitter and shoe apps faster than snkrs
Getting alerts from snkrs is hit or miss
I was already on the app constantly refreshing at 1 when i got alerts from twitter
I got an alert from snkrs while in line(pending)
Thats probably true. I saw the tweet from solelinks first then the rest followed. Who are you following on twitter for notifications?
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The one time I get a snkrs notification for something good I’m in meetings all day. Hate you Nike with your stupid Lebrun false flags smh
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Honestly I was due to hit on these 11s. Nike totally drop the ball on my Fearless 1s. I'm in Carolina and they shipped my sneaks out to a guy in Austin Texas. He hit me up via IG and told me he just received my order. At this point I'm confused because my order was due two days after he contacted me.

The nerve of Nike only giving me a promo for 1 day shipping and a 20% promo...smh

So for the last week and a half, I've been fighting with Nike for messing up my order and UPS for not honoring Nike's approval to reroute my order to my address.

Finally after several emails they rerouted the order and I'm just receiving my Fearless 1s TODAY... The shock drop was that added bonus for me...

So I'll be enjoying all of this patent leather goodness before me...

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Man. Totally missed the drop, and I had my phone on my desk all morning. Never noticed any of the alerts, had the phone on silent. SMFH at myself since every other day this week I’ve kept the sound on for this exact reason LOL. Oh well, these’ll be easy to get but would’ve been cool to get it done today. Congrats to you guys who scored.
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Did anyone from Canada cop today's shock drop? hearing rumors that US SNKRS is location based now, just want to know if i'll need to use a VPN for all US SNKR drops going forward.
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My wife got the alert on her phone at work but she was away from it too long and missed it also. Not too mad but would have loved to been apart of the early club.
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How are u able to apply promos to these?.. dude in chat was quick to shut me down with “no promos on snkr app purchases”
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Don’t think you can add promos codes on these unless you get lucky with a rep
I think some folks are getting giftcards applied
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Was about to bite into my lunch until I saw that notification and clicked on it right away - got the pending screen for maybe less than a minute and then checked out! Haven't really been keeping up with the thread or sneakers in general so this was a true surprise for me, feels good to hit on a shock drop for the first time, especially without the latest version of the SNKRS app. Now I don't have to worry about waking up early on the 14th and trying to compete with everyone. So glad to finally have a pair in my actual size, the last time I had a pair of these was in 2001 and they were a full size bigger than what I wore because that's all the store had left and I was that thirsty lmao, had me out here like:


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If you're on an iPhone using iOS 13, the updates list has moved:
App Store App > Account (your avatar in the upper right) > Scroll down to UPDATES > SNKRS should be there if it needs to be updated.

Mine updated overnight so it was under "UPDATED RECENTLY", but I needed to force quit and relaunch SNKRS to see the new user interface design.
I got the galaxy Note 10
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I called to add my military disco and the lady got rude with me like you can't add any promos once you purchased, I go um yeah I always add my military discount after the fact and she said hold on....came back quick like sorry I did confirm you can and took the discount off....first time I've ever had a rude Nike customer rep usualy they cool and we chat for a min....they must've been extra busy with this drop...
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Got snkrs notification 1st saw it 2 mins later and got the j23 alert logging into snkrs. Kinda threw me off thought i was going into the j23 app. Still took an l. Got stuck on pending screen for an hour
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just realized I'll be out of state in Denver on the 14th..... smh

was planning on going SNKRS + one pair in store

not really trying to fly home with an aj11 box so I guess it's just SNKRs for me
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