Air Jordan 11 Retro- Black/Red “Playoff”- 12/14/2019


formerly willchamberlain
Joined Nov 24, 2012
Welp I’m stuck with. 10.5 I don’t need for someone else after they grabbed theirs. Gonna send em back to Nike at this point.
Joined Oct 1, 2012
Just wanna say thanks for everything NT. Y'all in here dropping FTL codes all week for my lazy ***.

A lot of us were broke and dumb 7 years ago. I know I was. Tryna make rent by selling off our grails. It's really nice to see people change for the better after all this time. I hope if you were in that situation that you get your pair today. Eat my dudes.
Joined Apr 16, 2014
I said people like concords more...turns out that was a lie. I was dead wrong. Got a SNKRS pair as a backup.Still going to pickup my in store pairs.
Joined Sep 23, 2008
Good thing we bought them to wear them.
Fam what are you taking about? I was referencing the guy who said he’s out of luck and has to pay reseller prices. I copped mine to wear and one for my girl. I’m not reselling anything

I literally just made a post about us having matching sneakers :lol:
Joined Apr 11, 2019
man every year same thing. They need to fix these carts. Footsites are a joke.
It's because there are a million little pudgy kids without jobs and just a bot buying up 100s of pairs each and still getting by. We've seen them in action...I'm not going to knock their hustle but they are out there...

Ricky D

formerly centex hogg
Joined Mar 3, 2013
Snagged a 10.5 on SNKRS just in case the 11 is too big. My 10.5 Cords be killin’ my left pinky toe :lol:
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