AIR JORDAN 12 Cherry Holiday 2023 - Rumored to release October 28, 2023

Jun 5, 2014
Jul 31, 2012
November 18, 2023 will be the release date for these. It makes no sense why this thread title still states "Rumored" when it's been confirmed that these are re-releasing. Shouldn't it have been revised a long time ago?

Last time I heard of a Jordan shoe, in a very similar colorway, dropping around that date in mass quantities, it ended up being the biggest **** show of a drop in recent memory. Nonetheless, I’m getting two pairs minimum of these. I have faith that these will get a proper treatment, as opposed to the 09 drop.
Jul 20, 2002
In for 2, my most wanted jordan for sure. I love seeing pics of MJ wearing these. The pic above with the black and red pinstriped jersey....doesn't get any better than that! I saw mj play the knicks in these back in 97. Ewing had 2 monster plays in that game. First was a dunk over rodman at the end of the second quarter as time expired, the second was a bank shot from the side of the hoop to ice the game for the knicks. Mj did have a nice dunk himself on a fastbreak. Crossed up Oakley I believe then dunked over Charlie ward with one hand and hung on the rim for a second.
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