Air Jordan 3 “Cool Grey” Feb 27, 2021

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I bought them to try and help 2 people out but they were able to get Ws on their own. I did not know what I did with my money would be questioned by strangers.
I Hope These Companies Start To Ban People Like This From Their Platforms Who Are Constantly Coming Back With Returns Because They Couldn't "Help" People On The Aftermarket :rolleyes

Literally The Definition Of The Problem :smh:
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A container ship called one apus lost almost 2000 containers while at sea. One of the biggest maritime losses ever. Dozens of container ships are now in line at long beach docks waiting to be unloaded. Back up is months now. This has affected the industry im currently in big time. I suspect this is one of the major delaying factors. Not many shoreman workers at the docks due to covid restrictions and you couple that with ships backed up.... Then we have delays for everything. Here is a link.
Thanks for sharing. What industry are you in?

How do people know Cool Grey IIIs were in those containers lost? Or even any containers from Nike?
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Thanks for sharing. What industry are you in?

How do people know Cool Grey IIIs were in those containers lost? Or even any containers from Nike?
. I work for a manufacturer that specializes in medical and custom computer cables. We have been affected since Dec 2020 with the shipping delays. No one knows yet what was lost in those containers.. Couldve been anything really. We have been told to expect a loss of half or possible all of our shipment. We had a container from our overseas production plant worth millions to our customers. Temporarily "lost" . The ship was rerouted to Japan to offload the remaining containers and conduct an audit and any company that had containers on that ship was notified of this issue. What has affected the sneaker industry or others, is the backlog of ships waiting to offload At long beach. My last count was 30 container ships, That means weeks and possibly months of those other container ships that had nothing to do with the lost container ship, have been back logged. Not because of the lost containers but rather the ports at long beach were and are so backed up that the delays are being seen on a lot of shipments of anything and everything coming from overseas. The guys speculation that maybe the j3 cool greys or carmines or even mocha j1s were on that ship. I was confirming the others info on that ship losing all those containers.


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Ordered a pair from a seller (not these) in January and still have nothing. Seller is located in Japan. Tracking has not updated since like Jan 26th. I paid with PayPal and I'm starting to get worried but haven't contacted dude for a refund because I keep hearing these shipping delays are CRAZY. And not the winter stuff since I ordered back in January.

I think I have like 3 months to report a problem so I am trying to wait it out.
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Yup. Another pair of shoes I ordered that shipped via fed ex was stuck at the Memphis hub for about 4 days until movement. Should be delivered tomorrow.
my buddy’s Jubilee’s got to the Memphis FedEx hub and never left. When he got in contact with Nike they said “oh well” and returned his money. Dude had to pay resell for a shoe he won on SNKRS:smh::smh:
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