Air Jordan 4 Retro (White Oreo) - White/Tech Grey/Black/Fire Red (May 29, 2021)

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Saw the pics on IG last night ... I’m all i

mice been out of buying shoes for 3 years now. overall just have been over it and couple that with nothing appealing. 2021 has had me attempting to get about 6 different shoes already.

And 6 L’s
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Think I'll pass on these and wait for White Cements. Already have Pure $s and Columbias so I don't need another mostly white 4 unless it's the WC.
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giphy (2).gif


God, I swear if 4's had the height, shape, and toe boxes like in those illustrations, you'd NEVER here me ***** about a Air Jordan 4 again. I'm past tired of it, but I'll continue until they fix it. If, those bastards at Nike/JB ever do...

|l |l |l |l |l |l |l |l |l |l
Man I really don't under stand how hard it is to widen the heel and make the sneaker taller either. They're able to keep making them shorter and slimmer in the back tab.
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I came to the realization the other day that the closest representation of the OG silhouette for the Air Jordan 4's is none other than the phenomenal Jordan 89 racer!! Believe it or not, it's true!


OIP (11).jpeg


I workout in these in crew or quarter socks, as they are superb fitness wear. Always getting stares and compliments. 😙 What makes them so attractive, is that they are slim and form fitting, not "bulky" and "bulbous" like the original basketball modern retros.


1989 OG - Smaller toebox. High back.


2016 Retro - Thicker, rounder toebox. Lower back.
I swear the OGs were like a slimmer running shoe type of aerodynamic. I love that look on a shoe for me. It's just satisfying to my gut like some people get satisfaction from perfect cut lines and squares etc.
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You don't like any of the 4 Retro LS colorways, in particular the Oreos and the Columbias? Neither of those have the "Flight" patch.
I love both these shoes. They first released at a 🔥 time in life. Truly nostalgic. cant believe its been 20 years since they first released

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I love both these shoes. They first released at a 🔥 time in life. Truly nostalgic. cant believe its been 20 years since they first released
I know right? Crazy that it’s been that long. I remember when they dropped, and seeing cats rocking them in high school. Like I said earlier, the 2000 Blings, Columbias, and Oreos are my favorite 4s. I’ve just always loved the look of the all leather upper, leather wings, leather tongue, perforated leather side panels, round laces, and lack of plastic netting on the tongue and side panels. Looks perfect new, and wears/ages perfectly IMO. I’d love an all leather version of the Black Cats like that. Would be amazing.
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