Air Jordan 5 Island Green - November 11 2019

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I thought these were actually cool until I looked closer and saw those weird “spots” on them. That, combined with the ridiculous price tag makes these an easy pass. MAYBE and I really mean mayyyybe for like $120~
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The eyelet supports (black or white would've been way cleaner to me) and graphic on the upper sour them for me.

I wonder if the tongue and any sections of the upper are reflective. Also wonder how that upper feels.
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Looking at the sock liner, it looks like they are going for the Lux treatment.
I wonder what the backstory will be with these and the 13s
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JB know they can destroy a potentially good color way, that spotted frog pattern was uncalled for
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Yup, I figured from the lack of visible grain texture that the upper would be reflective. Wonder what the theme is here, with the Japanese text behind the tongue and all that.

On the bright side, that rounded toe looks good. The 3M Fire Reds better have that **** come next year.
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Heard these are single day 5s ...Im guessing that's what the writing on the tongue symbolizes and the release date being Monday 11/11
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