Air Jordan 6 DMP "Black/Metallic Gold" April 4th, 2020 (Placeholder Date) | Price: $200


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I’m ok with that 4/4 date.
They’re trying to give all the March releases some room to breathe.
Just make sure these are a mass produced GR and everybody will get a pair.
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April works. March already has the 5s, those Air max inspired 4s, those pine green 1s. These need their own month as these will sell out. But then April is suppose to have the flints we haven’t seen yet. Either way whenever whatever my money and body is ready
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I need March. I'm going to be back home in Augusta for Masters weekend and there's only 2 stores in the city, haha.
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The April 4th release date would make sense since I think the fire red 5s are dropping the end of March as well. But from what I saw those purple high 1s are supposed to release on April 4th so im assuming those will either be pushed back or forward to another date.
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i want these now but i can wait.... too many expenses especially for my car smh... so not mad im not about spending money on sneakers lol
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