Air Jordan 7 X Patta June 2019

Joined May 20, 2019
Been wearing them for two days straight, like 4 days in total since I got them, is this normal on 7s? I wear US11 and I am like 230 lbs

Joined May 19, 2014
I'm suprised at the lack of enthusiasm for this collaboration. I know the color ways are an aquired taste, but in the past all Patta colabs have been highly coveted. It just goes to show that the Nike/Jordan plan that was implemented a couple years ago, to flood the market with higher price shoes is working for the consumer. Its killing resale as intended. Im happy as a collector and wearer of my shoes, but the constant flow of collabs every week is getting to be overkill. It just feels like theses releases aren't that special anymore. I'm curious to know how other NT'rs feel about this.
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