Air Jordan 8 retro X Pendleton N7 - 11/7/19 - $200

Joined Mar 24, 2018
I wish the Pendleton fabric were brighter... would have popped more on a grey and black shoe. More turquoise and red... or orange and green. The brown isn't doing the shoe any favors.
...Kinna like this? One of Pendletons blankets
Joined Apr 9, 2017
Yeah... usually they beacon prints are brighter, which would look good on a pair of Js. Hopefully these go 9n discount, not paying retail for these.
Joined Mar 24, 2018
Air forces not for me, but I dig that bred colorway for sure. Makin me wanna get my mr rogers on this fall :emoji_joy:. I think im old enough to pull it off @ this point.
Joined Jun 5, 2008
Hope they sit so they can hit discount but honestly wouldn’t mind retail lol
Joined Dec 11, 2007
I just copped off snkrs. will see what they look like in hand and will decide then if I'm keeping or returning.
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