Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

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still pending on SNKRS

I have back up pairs secured if this doesn't go through but I really want to get them from SNKRS since I have almost $110 in giftcards on there
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So I get to Finishline around 645 am, 1 guy was there, then 2 more show up.... then the SP manager (I know because I have seem him there before lol) walks past us and asks what time Finishline opens because he has pairs right now to sell, so all 4 of us go to SP and get a pair each lol....

Now I'm back at Finishline waiting for them to open, then Footlocker after to pick up my reservation.... tripling up today!

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"Resale profit ZERO".

Lol, that's the last thing that matters on a shoe with this history.
Resale profit as a proxy for supply demand. I don’t resell. I’ve had every iteration of this sneaker since it released in 89. They made millions of these. Please stop. Everyone here loves this “i got em!!!” Awesome when you get OW or Unions etc. this one is a GR that they want everyone to have. I’m not trolling I’m saying relax.
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I was able to get through on shoe palace and copped there but also hit on SNKRS. I didn't want 2, so I might cancel the shoepalace pair because they got crazy shipping costs and I got them off SNKRS which I wanted. all in all im hyped. glad everyone cooked!
Same, but SP customer service doesn't open until Monday 9am PST.


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After 21 minutes I got thru on SNKRS. Now I’m ready for the 1’s and 11’s at end of the year.

Time to go to 24 for some Saturday morning hoop
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