Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

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LMAO, got through SNKRS again, apparently it triggers Chase Fraud, got another "trouble processing payment" and a call from Chase. SMH.


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tried to cop on FNL

got through, submit and it gets stuck... got charged then it finally loaded and emptied the cart?

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After picking up my Hibbetts pair I can say I’m pleased with them. It was a definite must cop but only 1 pair is enough for me not a huge 4 person but these are iconic.
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I decided to use Apple Pay and apparently hit because I got text from my card asking if I authorized the purchase. As you guys know, that’s a sign the card was declined. Got a text from my card and a pop-up message on SNKRS at the same time. Had to resubmit and was hit with the Sold Out message. Went up a .5 size and hit. Ironically enough the size I hit on is the same size as my 99 pairs, which is a .5 size bigger than all the other J’s I wear. I figured with the new banana shape and these being different than the 99 shape and mold, going tts would have been ideal.


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We able to get a 9.5 and 5 on SNKRS.

Hit on SNS yesterday too so I might return/sell or stash a second pair
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thank god for nike, none of the footsites would let me "save and continue" or "something went wrong", i bet it wouldve been just right if i was trying to order some don c 1s. ***holes

i snagged a second pair off nike after snkrs, lets see if this actually worked lol
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when I sign out of nike there is a few sizes left but I can't buy when I log in. WTF?
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if you copped from dtlr check your order history. they are notorious for sending order confirmation emails and the order not go through. if its not in your history you didnt get um. even when you callthem about it they will tell you you did and it takes some time to show up but they are lying. also you will have to callthem up and remind them that the order didnt go through for them to process the refund
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