AIr jordan XXXV first info.


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Blue voids were the launch colorway, not super wacky. So maybe a reversal of the same formula more than the same formula.
Zions were wacky.. they had aqua and purple etc and all other color ways were basic. This time we've got that wacky grey and pink yellow thing going on and it looks like that is the launch color way with the Frag being a special 1 off or something.

Whatever it is I'm saying this loosely.. we don't even know whats really happening first and half the thread still thinks the 35 hasn't surfaced yet.
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not bad but not great either
much better than the past couple of years

what's the release date and price ?
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That is a good point. Not that much of a fan of the racing stripe toebox. Wish they made it look more like a 13 toebox with material going up only on one side.
they def should have cut the medial side off before the toe box somehow. Hate the straight stripe down the toe. That killed the 34se as well. But those are way worse since it’s continuous up the whole tongue
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Wondering why Tatum showed them but didn’t debut them on court / in game?? Maybe because they haven’t officially been unveiled yet? Or maybe he just wore them to practice?


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