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Sep 1, 2008
Been thinking of doing the Nurse program. I was trying to do the CC way but I have a number of bad grades. I was thinking of going the trade school route like Shepard. I know it's a ton of money, but il deal with it later.
Anyone ever gone the trade way?
Can you get jobs of these schools?
May 4, 2009
Architectural intern specifying in health care in the mid west region. Any RN suggestions to design a more efficient/comfortable/ pleasurable experience would be appreciated.
Aug 1, 2012
I'm an RN, but I went the community college route. My friend, though, went to a vocational school to get his associates degree in nursing. His situation is a bit different than most people as his family owns a nursing home so he has a guaranteed job once he's done. From what I've heard from my instructors is that nurses that receive their degree from vocational schools aren't looked down upon, but keep in mind that your credits from vocational school may not be transferable.
Jul 10, 2003
My wife went the CC way too. If you're from the Bay, she went to Chabot. They have a good nursing program.

The thing about vocational schools is that they cost a grip


Jul 6, 2002
My coworker's daughter is in the BSN program at West Coast University. From what I hear, it's pretty intense in term of work load and VERY expensive. The girl doesn't work and she's pretty stressed out over school all the time.

My friend's wife is an RN. With overtime, you can make a 6 figure income in several years after starting. But 6 figure isn't what it's used to be, especially after taxes.

Nursing is a profession of love though, as corny as that sound. If you do it solely for the money, I'm going to guess you'll be miserable sooner or later. I came from a family of that realm, mom is a retired RN, and dad is a surgeon. They both love their jobs and don't mind helping people. There's been multiple times parents worked 24+ hours straight.


Jul 6, 2002
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Aug 1, 2004
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Feb 22, 2013
I'm going the CC route, I just received my acceptance letter from the Nursing program affiliated with the CC and I start in January. I'll be receiving an associates degree after graduating the program in 2 years and right after I'm going to go for my BA which will take a year to get because its nothing but online courses from then on so I can work and go to school at the same time. I also plan on getting a Masters to become a Nurse Anesthetist but it depends on how I feel about my profession work and salary wise when I start.

The demand for nurses are slightly decreasing due to the interest in many people trying to become nurses but I'm sure you can find a job with CC degree......The only problem is that some hospitals in the near future will only accept Nurses with BA's and higher. I know this one nurse that has an Associate Degree that works at a hospital was told by her boss to go back to school to get a BA by 2014 or else she will start receiving an LPN salary which is pretty ****** up .
Jul 29, 2012
Graduated this last year with BSN. Depending on your area (if you live in Cali), you should get a BSN or it will be very competitive to get a job. Some hospitals are beginning to become "magnet hospitals" and are requiring BSNs. Everybody is jumping on the nursing bandwagon in preparation of the shortage and it's impacted at the moment. Northern California has STARTING six figure jobs. Feel free to ask me any questions: school, nclex, salary, benefits etc.
Sep 30, 2010
sister is an MSN
being a RN is mad work.. but you do find work, get hours, and get shift blocks that are 12 hours or 8 hours.
this can either help you lead a flexible lifestyle or allow you to work a LOTT and really make some bread

i dont suggest the trade school route however.. even if you have to take credits and build that GPA, i suggest going CC atleast.
also, you might as well be a BSN, cause pretty soon, RNs are gonna be phased out or forced to get credits to become BSNs anyway

and this might be down the road, but, after a BSN, you should specialize...
this way you wont have to deal with the BS involved with regular nursing (not to mention it helps you get your funds up)!
Sister is an MSN, and clears 100 (NET).. its a long journey but I suppose its worthit... good luck bro.

mr marcus

May 3, 2010
Going cc pre nursing and finishing up at an here are mad wait listed for their assoc program so it'll be better to get my bsn at an all the hospitals here are going to bsn only anyway in a few years
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Jul 3, 2010
any of yall experience being treated differently by prof or teacher because you are the only male in class?
Dec 19, 2008
The type of school you go to depends on the area you live in. Here in Houston you better be going the CC or University route cause there are so many to choose from that are way cheaper that a trade.
Mar 23, 2004
I'm in nursing school right now. At my school which is a cc, only your pre-req grades are looked at. Program is a lot of hard work, if you're not 100% committed you will fail.
Jan 14, 2005
Currently in an RN program at a state university in Cali. Impacted as hell out here so it feels good to know that all i gotta do is pass my classes and ill be straight. To get in, i took classes (anatomy, physiology, microbiology) at a CC and I ended up with a 3.3 GPA for my prereq grades, which is low by Cali nursing program standards. My TEAS test score was just average too. I lucked out when i was put on the waitlist and the university finally accepted me 2 months before the program started. People say that its hardwork, but i honestly feel like its been kinda easy so far. Maybe its because i actually enjoy what im learning. As far as being one of the only males in a class full of females ... i have no problems with that :evil:

Hospitals will start phasing out licenses vocational nurses. its only a matter of time, so its best to go for that BSN
I think if you choose to go to a trade school you would need to go from LVN --> RN --> BSN. Some people go the trade school route with that in mind; however most just get stuck working a skilled nursing facilities as LVNs instead of furthering their education for that bachelor's degree.

I have 3 semesters to go. Can anyone can share advice on what i can do now to set myself up to find a job after i pass my NCLEX?
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