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Joined Nov 16, 2018
Had this been Wrestle Kingdom you would've had zero problems with it being 2 nights.
Takeover ain't Wrestle Kingdom, and I'm not a fan when they do it either. PPV's need to go back to being 3hrs. NXT needs do a ppv the week b4 w/ a tournament final concluding on the card w/ the winners facing the NXT champions at Wrestlemania the next week.

This 4 show **** ain't it. 12 matches should be the cap for WM. AJ vs Shinsuke wasn't bad, it was the 12th match on 14 match card. WM 35 had 16 matches, last year there were 19 :smh:
Joined Sep 4, 2006
Walter so damn good in the ring..Vince needs to do whatever it takes for him to main event Mania next year..

I saw him do two old school moves I don't see very often anymore...

simple but effective old school style head butt

put goblins head between feet and twisted while standing up, andre type move
Joined Nov 16, 2018
Walter winning w/ a chop was beautiful. That needs to happen more often. Win w/ a backdrop, regular suplex, simple closeline, dropkick, etc. Work smarter, suspension of disbelief has become a lost art.
Joined Feb 29, 2000
i guess the inner circle started the circle jerk early left jericho by himself. thank god for tyson taking his sweet time 😂
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