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Joined Jul 4, 2009
NXT men’s tag team is just boring as hell to me. No one I want to cheer for or against. Just dope moves. Excited to see what the women in NXT do with the tag titles going forward.

That Dakota Kai turn happens tonight or Tuesday. I’d be interested in seeing those two go at it for a few months.

WALTER/Ciampa was good and brutal.

The era of Raquel:blush: begins tonight


formerly toine2983
Joined Dec 21, 2005
Gonna fire up TakeOver Sit and Receive in a few.

Catching up in here, they changed Dunne's theme? Hoping they didn't butcher it.

Speaking of themes I wonder what they're gonna do for KOR's and Bay Bay's themes post UE.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
RG has improved so much over the last few years.

She was green as hell when she was in the MYC.

But looking at the Precious Lineage of the NXT WOmen's title, she might be the most inexperienced champ.

We will see how this plays out.
Joined Mar 31, 2011
Don’t know if Lady Diesel is ready, but I guess we’ll see...

Very entertaining WRESTLING in this first night of matches. Tomorrow night should be even better :pimp:
Joined Nov 16, 2018
Beth Phoenix did likely help w/ ppl’s perception of different types. I know it opened me up b/c like brolic, and still looked like a woman. Pretty too. I think I could kick her ***.
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