are online classes hard? check out my sched. overload? 17 crdts.

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sorry for the mad posts nt but im just stressin. i suck at school.

how's this look like?

sdv is easy it's only 4 mandatory classes.

history is an online class (are they hard? i dont know anything about online classes)

and the rest are


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I had a friend who took an online course she did horrible on the test. She ended up failing. Personally haven't taken one but good luck
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Yours might be different, but my Precalculus class was VERY hard. I took AP Calc in HS. Although I didn't take the AP Test, I got an A- in the class. I wasrusty coming into college, so I decided to take Precalc. It was supposed to be my easy class. Stupid decision.
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How many credits do you have this semester/previous semesters? (or quarters if that's your curriculum)
I started out with 12/14/12/17 and this semester 17 again.

It is A LOT more work than 12-14 credit hours, 17 is. But, I really regret only taking 12-14, because having 17 puts you on check. Word of advice:
Try your VERY VERY BEST to stay up. Know in advance what your lecture is about and read the material ahead of time so when you come to class, it will be theSECOND time seeing it and hopefully more able to grasp it, especially in classes like bio which requires ton of memory. With staying up with the materialmeans very rare procrastination, and it shouldn't be too bad.

Good luck.
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Online classes were ALWAYS a breeze. Especially my history one. I really just depends on the professor, like any class in college.


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17 credits.. i need more than a 3.0 to be able to take 15

owww sociology.. no fun in that course
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im taking my first online class this semester. im having trouble with it mainly because theres no teacher to explain things to you. you gotta read foryourself. i also found out i can take a test pretty much open book. all you gotta do is open a study guide or something in another window. i thought theyd finda way to prevent that but i guess not. helped me out quite a bit. i usually dont do that but im at the point where im just trying to pass the class. im takin amath class btw. a lot easier with a teacher.
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Your gonna absolutely hate that college success skills class, and im in an online ethics class and its not too bad but if your a procrastinator its not a goodidea to take an online class.
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hey do you go to UW-Madison, b/c that format looks familiar.....btw...some history classes are hard others are a breeze, usually the prof will give you a headsup the minute u register....
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It depends on the class and the professor. Online classes usually take a lot of discipline since you pretty much set your own schedule.


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I've took one online class last semester and got an A, but I would never take one again. Reason being is you're mostly teaching yourself and it'sjust not worth it if your paying for college. If the teacher has good reviews over on ratemyprofessor, then I would consider taking an online class again,otherwise stick with the lectures.
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Online classes are easy. It just if want you lazy or not. If you are, I don't recommend you taking it.
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Online classes seem to have easier material usually but it isn't exactly a walk in the park. If you really want to do well and focus when you're athome taking the course, then you should do fine. But that's the hard thing about these courses. You're at home instead of an environment like aclassroom where you have other students around you to motivate yourself to learn as well as an actual teacher giving you the information. At home you'vegot all the distractions in the world and you also have all the resources in the world and may be tempted to procrastinate, slack off, or cheat. If anything,it's a matter of will power.
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Like what everyone said above, the more self-discipline you have, the easier it is. Also your internet and computer speed, because with my old computer, I hada tough time getting things done.
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Math, Bio and Composition is enough to keep you busy...Good luck with those three..

BTW online classes are easy, esp if you can find someone else taking the class..
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Originally Posted by LuckyLuchiano

Im taking 18, cause I dropped a 3 hr this semester, and I need 30 hours so I can hopefully qualify for this Hope Schloarship
You really don't even need that much. If we are talking about the same thing (government) then you don't. If not, disregard what I'm saying.
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Agreed, you're already taking difficult courses, I suggest dropping the online class. I've taken eight online classes, all with A's except one B. Imean, they're pretty easy. It depends on your teacher and how you manage your time. Everything is on your own. You gotta read, take test, and do homeworkon your own. Some people like it, some people don't. It's up to them.
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online classes can be easy, but i stopped taking them after my online history class a couple years ago. it seemed so easy untill it got to the test. theteacher even said in an email that since they were open book and online, they were going to be difficult. the dude took the tinyest details out of the book forthe questions. half was multiple choice and the other half were 1 to 2 page essay questions (usually 2 or 3 a test)

i gave up halfway through the semester and dropped it. i was killin myself for that class and barely had a D.
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For the classes you're taking, 17 credits isn't a whole lot.

I suggest sticking with the schedule. It will force you to stay on top of things. Dropping down to 13 or 14 is too easy, and you'll regret it later.
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I'm taking 17 right now, and those classes don't look bad.

You'll be fine - just remember to study and don't slack, or you'll screw yourself over.
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I only take online courses for classes that I wouldnt want to take on campus. I've never had a problem with them. Now, independent studies are anotherstory lol I have 2 due next month that I have yet to start.
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Damn, now that's a nice schedule (class-wise). You'll be fine. In the end it all depends on the instructor and your own work ethic.

Most important thing about online courses is that you actually do the work at the preferred time. They're not tough, you basically just need to budget yourtime well. Tendency in those classes is to slack off until the very end, but with no actual class or lecture as a base for your knowledge, you could be royallyscrewed at the midterm and final.
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took one this past summer, pretty easy as long as you read all the material and know whats going on. Just dont push it off or take it lightly.


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I failed the eff outta my american history class. Political Science was easy as long you did the work, and participated in the weekly discussion board.
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