are online classes hard? check out my sched. overload? 17 crdts.

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thanks a lot guys. i'm still undecided towards my online history class.... all i know is that bio is gonna kick my@%!$ like it is now.
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Originally Posted by sole lovely

all i know is that bio is gonna kick my@%!$ like it is now.
You too? Man, but my friend told me in his lab they had to dissect a RAT, not a small one, but a big++@* sewer type rat. They said it was like the size of agrown mans forearm
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I took a Principles of Marketing class online and it was hard a lot of work and the tests were harder because it was open book. I passed with a B but it isbetter taking it with an actual professor.
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I took an online English class this semester. My advice is just to keep up daily and always do your work in the library. It's easy to get distracted whenyou're online, which is going to hurt you because usually online classes move at a fast pace. If you can set aside some specific time to do your onlinework, it should be a breeze.
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