Aspirations for 2022? Vol. hectic times

Oct 8, 2002
such as??

Ideally I would love to give off road racing a start by end of next year, i just have to execute a good amount of stuff before i can make it happen but i want to get it done, i don't wanna be too old and regret not giving racing a shot
Get out of my head, bro. :lol: I did track racing this year, so it Rally next year. :pimp:
Nov 4, 2008
Start posting more consistently on YouTube. Invest and travel. Learn about crypto. Find multiple streams of passive income. I’m in Colombia right now so post about my travels around a schedule. Goal is to post 2x a week. Here’s my latest video

Jan 19, 2022
To remain focused on the near future and my personal goals. Eat an organic wholefoods diet. Cook more international cuisines. Have optimal hydration. Purchase a bicycle and excercise while exploring random eateries in my city. I was derailed momentarily by outside distractions, but now I'm more focused than ever.
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