Autographed Shoes, does it make them more valuable or not?

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And to be technical the 3s were obviously designed well before the release in Jan 88 so mike could have seen the 3s and signed off before the am1s were even released to the public or even seen by anyone but tinker technically. I’ll message Tinker to get some more exact info on what was technically designed first..
I was wrong his reply stated the designs were about a year apart. The Air Max 1s were first .


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If I want a pair of Jordan’s signed... has to be Jordan

that’s it

everything else pointless/no value

just my opinion
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Cool as a shelf piece and/or to memorialize meeting said person. However, I don't want anyone's scribbling on a shoe that I buy. I buy shoes to wear, not as memorabilia. If I had more money than sense, collecting game-worn and signed shoes would be cool, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
To me Tinker just has a dope sig which is to me art in itself... but then again I'm a graffiti artist and I love writing and different styles of lettering. now Travis Scotts sig looks like a 2 yo wrote it... Tinkers looks like he actually put thought into writing his name like graffiti. basically, in the graffiti world Tinker is an og and Travis Scott is a toy.
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If some one told me you cant get MJ to sign your shoe, and was asked who do you want to sign them? My next pick easily would be the designer of them. I would want Tinker to scribble on my shoes over anyone else.
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