BMW = Most Superfluous Car Line-Up? BMW Car Thread - 8Series Revealed

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The 3-Series (their compact 4-door) has a Sedan, Wagon and Gran Turismo

Then they have the 4-Series (the coupe version of the 3-Series) as a Coupe and Gran Coupe (a 4-door)

There's the 5-Series that comes in a Sedan and Gran Turismo

There's the 6-Series that come sin a Coupe and Gran Coupe

Then there's the X1-X6 not even going to post the SUVs but the X4 and X6 that is pretty much a raised up Gran Turismo versions of the 3 and 5?

Not mentioned or shown in pics are convertibles, the 1-Series, the 2-Series, the 7-series, the SUVs (X1, X3, X4 & X5), Z4 and i's. And within each of those models comes different engines like 20i, 20ix, 28i, 28ix, 35i, 35ix, 40i, 40ix, 50i, 5ix, Diesels & Hybrids versions and the M-Division.

Some of those just seems redundant, no? X4 and X6 being just a raised up 3 & 5 Grand Turismos and making a 4 Gran Coupe ( a sedan) when there is already a whole 3-Series model designated for it?

I think Benz might be approaching the same level though.
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Literally looks like the same car was posted several times. The 3 and 5 series look nearly identical in person at a quick glance.


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disliked the extension of line, but they need difft customer base.


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Yeah, I never got the ones like the 4 series sedan and the 6 series sedan - surely they're just a 3 or 5 series?
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go with audi..

I own and drive a benz (granted an old one).. my mother owns a benz.. my girl owns the audi Q5

having driven all 3 (Mercedes, BMW and Audi).. I'd EASILY recommend getting a audi or bmw over a mercedes
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Yeah, I never got the ones like the 4 series sedan and the 6 series sedan - surely they're just a 3 or 5 series?
5 series looks more like a sedan, but the 6 series sedan looks more like a coupe with 4 doors; a bit more sporty.

Would cop a 6 over a 5 any day of the week.
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I thought the whole point of them adding a 4 series was so even numbers would be coupes and odd numbers would be sedans. I saw a 4-door 4 series last week for the first time and was
. I have seen the 4-door 6 series, which also debunked the number theory as well. I have always been a Bimmer enthusiast, but I am not a fan of the current gens.
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LMAO...unless you look carefully you cant tell the difference.

@ dude who would cop struggle bimmer over fully loaded toyota...get your priorities in order

for reals tho the way to go is a japanese make with mid range options...pretty much all you need to be comfortable
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