Boundaries in a relationship...

Joined May 9, 2004
Where do you draw the lines with your partner in regards to privacy?? Particularly with mobile phones and online accounts.

I know it's not uncommon for insecure/suspicious partners to want to have passwords to phones, have access to social media account etc.

To me that is insane and I'll personally never do this on principle. The trust is already lost regardless of what they may or may not find. So showing and sharing private accounts, messages will not help imo.

Has anybody had any issues with this and where do you draw the line??
Joined May 9, 2004
I agree for the most part.

But there's no way you can be entirely on the same page without communication.

When you start to assume you know what your partner wants that's when you start taking L's.
Joined Apr 20, 2005
I was with someone who had boundary issues and insisted that "we" know all each others passwords etc. she also would often just ask to use my phone with no explanation as to why and I had any hesitation she'd start with accusations etc. At the time I though the best way to prove I had nothing to hide was to just give in and let her see everything and then she'd back off but looking back I was just ignoring the bigger issue.

Honestly I don't think there's any reason for either person to have access to the other persons phone, email, social media,etc. if this is a requirement for someone to trust the person they are with then they're not ready for a real relationship.
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