Bruh...Tyga....Hair Gains....Vol. Jamie Would Be Proud

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Dude is dating Kylie who has some kind of hair extension line or company so I am not shocked he got laced with that wavy hair :nthat: tyga really winning right now.
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Homies hairline has been cooked for a while now. Looking like some black ice action going on up there
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The before pic is from 2011 though. Not very credible
that you tyga? son hairline was barely breeving in '11, you think his joint got revitalized and luxurious in the last 4 yrs b?
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The before pic is from 2011 though. Not very credible
Wouldn't that make their claim credible? He didn't have a hairline in '11, now in '15 he joint is as straight as an 8yr olds.

Jaimee Foxx has no shame :rofl: He got his daughter using sharpies on his forehead.
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That **** is glued to his scalp. I remember seeing a vine on WSHH where a guy had one on, then peeled it off like a damn sticker :smh: looked 100% real
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He didn't get some of that hair plug / hair follicle magic surgery like wayne rooney and lebron?

I'd rather shave my head than wear some wig everyday.
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