Bruh...Tyga....Hair Gains....Vol. Jamie Would Be Proud

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Let me not call it trash but its pretty harsh on your skin. this is much more effective IMO and not harsh at all.
yeah has way too much alcohol, I've doused my head in it after shaving & it got in my eyes, not fun. felt a lil like I was suffocating too. I never tried their roller application tho, did tried bump n blemish w/the roller & it didn't clear anything.
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That’s all his though. All he’s doing is the bigen on steriods look for the crisp line. Just a lil bigen overkill:pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:
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**** is in my blood. My pops was one of the best barbers in the Bronx back in the day

I’m doing work with a cheap *** Walmart clipper and a Slimline Pro outliner

bout to cop the cordless andis magic clips after the holidays
Breh! We gona need to see pics of ya DIY cut
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