Resolved Certain threads keep crashing


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Jul 22, 2015
Not sure if it is only happening to me. I have tried multiple browsers, different devices, and connected to different networks. Some threads that have links are continuously crashing for me, I scroll down and it just seems to get stuck. It does not happen in every thread but I have noticed multiple threads already.

It was happening on the first page of this thread -

now it’s happening on this page for this thread -
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Methodical Management

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Dec 8, 1999
We’re aware of an issue that causes Safari to crash for iOS users when loading pages containing an embedded Twitter post that includes a “sensitive content warning.”

It’s not only happening to you, and it also is not limited to NikeTalk. It might not even be limited to our forum platform, but the issue has been reported to the platform’s developers.

Hopefully it will be resolved by them, Apple, or Twitter in a future update.

In the meantime, we advise members to refrain from embedding Twitter posts with sensitive content warnings. Most of this content is inappropriate for our community in the first place. Existing posts can be edited to remove this content and restore proper function for iOS users.
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