Chris Carter fired from FS1??

Joined May 9, 2004
Just saw some random videos in my recommended Section on youtube.

Whats the word on this??
Joined Apr 4, 2016
Hasnt been on since Oct 30. No news just thats the whole thing is under investigation? But the very minimal info on yahoo said beginning of the season he was upset he was left off the TNF pregame crew
Joined Aug 21, 2010
Read that he cleared out his desk yesterday or the day before under security watch.
Joined Dec 14, 2004
CC ****s on Nick all the time and I love it.

Nick ****in kills me when he has to dap certain guests.

Shocked that CC got canned though, I gotta see why.
Joined Aug 21, 2005
CC was causing problems with people up there. He talks too much. So now that’s two networks he got canned from? You hate to see it.
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