DEATH NYC graffiti street art prints

Discussion in 'Sneaker Art' started by Brianm, Jul 11, 2018 at 8:25 AM.

  1. Brianm


    Ha...oooops. I guess my post belongs here under the art forum. I searched for this -supposedly new york based female artist DEATH NYC- in this forum and found nothing. I have seen about 40 different nike prints of theirs that all look pretty dope. I know that studio has been popping out art for at least 5 years and was surprised not to find it mentioned....looking to enlighten some peeps.
    Heres a picture of a few i bought online. I used to love cutting mj pics outa magazines and glueing em into a scrapbook. The shoes are less than 1% of the prints they make but theyre the only ones i really like. 20180711_002204-1.jpg