Easiest way to Tighten/Loosen a shoe?

Joined May 11, 2014
is there any rule of thumb on lacing up your shoe so you can easily tighten the shoe (at least up to the top 3 slots) by just putting the straps on the top, and loosen the straps by pulling the top area apart?

I own a few Nike shoes i notice to tighten all the slots on the top you have to pull them 1 by 1 before pulling the top, and to loosen them i have to loosen them from top down. I think other than the slot design the lace used also affects how easy they move around.

I have a pair of D Rose 5 and i can easily tighten the top 3 slot just by pulling the straps and to loosen them i just pull the top apart. The strap they used are the flat ones but they don't really come loose easily.

And since i tie my shoes all the same (crossed with alternate in-out), i suppose it has alot to do with design? Those slightly roundish thick laces i find they loosen up very easily and it's hard to get them tight without making a knot to lock them in position.
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