F1 Official Thread - Grand Prix of Britain

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I think the 18 inch wheels are fine provided the rims are concaved. It will look weird if the rims are flat.
The nose, I think can look better but I still like them a lot. Still wish we could go back to the mid 2000 front wings but not sure how bad they're affected by dirty air.


I will be sad to see the current cars go after next year.
Looks great. I like the front wing.


So does Chase from the looks of it :lol:
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I thought for some reason in 2021 there would be no more DRS, but from the looks of the rear wing it’s here to stay. I don’t mind that all.
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I think the 18 inch wheels are fine provided the rims are concaved. It will look weird if the rims are flat.
It's weird cuz I'm so used to seeing the tiny rims and chunky tires... but when I first saw the low-profile 18" tires, I was like "Hmmm... strange, but not bad." Then when I went back and looked that traditional F1 tires, I thought "They look so goofy :lol: "

I think the concaved wheel covers were just for the windtunnel prototype. The McLaren renders offers a good look at the rims, which I prefer.
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Yeah, I've seen him at some GP's, but a lot of times for celebs, they're just there for promotions and whatnot. Seen a lot of VIPs that don't know much about the sport and is just there for the glamour factor.

I wouldn't be surprised if Lewis was a bigger NFL fan than Brady was for F1. Just a guess.
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What a race for Merc :pimp:

Bottas got the win and Lewis clinched no.6 all in the same race :smokin :smokin. Great weekend for Merc

Never in my life expected a driver to be within striking distance of Schumachers marks but here we are :lol: :pimp:

Feel like Lewis has at least 2-3 good seasons left in him and with Merc, he might just be able to set some new records of his own...

The consistency of Merc in the hybrid era has been insane. Ferrari have arguably had the best ca/package for the past 2-3 years yet it all seems to come together for Merc in terms of strategy and performance on Sundays
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Get in there, Lando and Carlos! Great dub-points and solidifying our best-of-the-rest champs! ?
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