F1 Official Thread - Grand Prix of Britain

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Lewis on Pole!
Being a while jeez :lol:

Hopefully finishes with a win. I haven't looked at race pace from practice and I don't even know what tires everyone is starting on but hopefully a good race.

Ferrari needs this season to end quickly.
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Very sad to see Hulk go. Hopefully he will be back in 2021.
A guy like Latifi gets a seat, but he doesn’t...

Can’t believe, that Haas chose Grosjean over him.
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Sad about Hulk, but I'd rather see him racing competitively in another series than driving a Williams next year.

Latifi will just help make the case for Russell to get a much better seat when he ultimately becomes the first driver in F1 history to sweep the qualifying head to head in two straight years :lol:

Grosjean seems to be the only one who understands the problems with the Haas car so it's understandable that he's returning next year, but hard to see a reason to keep him or K-Mag around in 2021 with the regulation changes

also jeez this race is ****ing boring lol
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Pole to flag victory and a new track record,probably the most dominant race of the season for Lewis :pimp:

Great way to end another championship season and the decade :smokin

There's been Ferrari rumors lately but Lewis would be smart to stick around with Merc until he retires imo if he wants to own the F1 record book. Don't know if even he could help the Scuderia end their drought.

Already looking forward to next year, the likes of Leclerc and Max are only going to get better. Hoping for an entertaining and closer title race
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