Falsely Accused of a Car Accident

Mar 13, 2008
You need to have your parents call Fred Loya and tell Fred Loya that you are covered under their insurance because they gave permission for you to drive their car. Fred Loya is trying to avoid potentially paying for a claim, that's all. But your parents need to get rough with Fred Loya and help you out.

It doesn't matter that you were not listed as a driver.

It does not matter that you provided a copy of your license.

What matters is the pictures that show no damage to your car and your statements that you did not hit their car.

What matters is that your parents have insurance that covers the car.
May 27, 2017
Fam, you're supposed to call 911 at the scene of an accident and get an accident report

These cops getting paid by taxpayers to eat donuts. Gotta make them useful
Oct 24, 2010
I’m not giving anyone my information unless I’m guilty or it’s an officer. You got put in a bad situation BUT don’t teslas hVe cameras all around the vehicles? Hmmm
Aug 21, 2021
I would have gotten into my car (your moms in this case) and called the police before the ***** scammer did..... and said: a woman is trying to hustle me, get over here now!

Or you could have said: nah b**ch, imma go pop the trunk!
and see the look on her face!
Jul 31, 2007
You ****ed up letting her get your insurance or DL.

You should’ve immediately went to the police around the airport to get this crazy lady to back off.

Gotta hire a lawyer now and you still might lose. Better check if the airport terminal got camera footage of the non-incident.
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