Flightposite II Retro, Coming soon?

Joined May 11, 2011
Jimmy Jazz has lowered the price to $ 169,95, I hope they add another 30% once disco season comes around!


formerly slp product
Joined Feb 8, 2005
That stupid shiny platic-icky look is a no.
Had they went with a deeper/darker green like forest green and an iridescent finish like the foamposite/foam pros than maybe it would look more appealing but they just don’t look right with that shiny plastic look.
Joined Feb 29, 2000
felt the og retro in hand today. that leather is not the same as the og its thinner and more flimsy. also the zoom insole is less firm than the og zoom insole


formerly j o 19
Joined Oct 1, 2004
I still need the White joints on super sale.. have basically forgot about them. Probably wont be looking until like Spring with all the stuff dropping next month.
Joined Feb 29, 2000
Finishline got them for $150. They have a $15 off coupon too. They come out to $135 with free shipping. Might jump on them. I don't like the clear sole on them. If I get them, I'm gonna dye the sole black
how you get free shipping and 15 off?
Joined Oct 10, 2014
Picked these up off GOAT for $65 plus ship. That’s a no brainer. Always loved the FP2 but never got around to grabbing one before this.
need KGs black alternate pair. Nike stay goofing with trash though like that Celtic pair. I swear Nike’s sportswear team is a buncha dumb@$$3$
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