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So I love food as I'm sure you do too, so why not have a thread?
What you ate today, what you're craving for, where you got it, what you like, price (if you'd like), post pics, & etc.

Overall, just a discussion about the topic of food.
I'll be posting regularly, hope other NTers get involved too. Reps will be given to posts I like!

I'll start with my top 3 cuisines:

Japanese - Sushi (Dragonroll: Eel, shrimp tempura, and avocado)

Korean - Kalbia (BBQ short ribs), Kimchi fried rice, and spicy marinated pork)

Thai - Pad Thai

Not all posts have to be this detailed; with that said, enjoy.
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Korean tacos? I need to find some in Atlanta.
I had one in SF; was a food truck.

Seoul on Wheels. 2 for $6...Wasn't impressed by this one alone.

Had a real taco from a food truck and THAT was delicious. 2 for $3.50

And here's Rubio's fish taco, $1.50 each on Tuesdays!

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'I don't **** with dead birds...'

wheres my vegetarians at? i need some good ideas for GOOD food
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Went to my local diner today and had the New York - New York which is a grilled chicken parm :smokin
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Had some authentic Mexican Chicken tacos today with the Green Sauce. I love the Red Sauce but I need a tums nearby 
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First page of potential epic thread.

I don't know what to learn to cook.

All I have in my arsenal is sloppy joss, tuna, and hamburger helper.

Y'all tell me what to cook tonight and I will try.

Can't be too hard... will post pics upon completion...
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Made a chicken stirfry last night with coconut, chilli and lime sauce (I wish it was from scratch), mix of stirfry vegies and Singapore noodles. Omnomnom
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Family mostly buys fast food such as fried cod and veggies that taste like they been buried under the sand for a week.

But there's this new place that just opened up and they have :smokin :smokin :smokin food. Burger I got was stacked with like 3 different meats on top of a burger patty.

I'll take a picture next time.
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