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what does sea moss taste like and what does it do?
Never had it on its own. The smoothie is predominantly soursop and the agave I’m sure helps the flavor.

Research is still early on seamoss but supposedly mineral dense, good for heart, immune system etc.
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Isn’t Wendy’s slogan fresh never frozen patties?
I guess they just put the frozen patties in the fridge and call it fresh lol
Lying bastards!
I’m never eating Wendy’s again!
I remember when the Jr bacon cheeseburger used to be $.99
Now it’s almost $2 and it’s small asf
2 bites and it’s gone
They mean fresh as in its defrosted awhile before they cook it.

Only made fresh spots are those bbq joints that are not national franchise.

Given the volume of their customers they'd need to have beef delivered almost daily to cook fresh.
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what does sea moss taste like and what does it do?
Makes your back strong

tomdiginson tomdiginson
Irish moss aka seamoss provides a ton of minerals and a myriad of anti properties( inflammatory, aging, oxidant, fungal, coagulant, and viral). It also contains b2, magnesium, and potassium. It's also good for your stomach and as mentioned before, "it give yuh strong bacK"

Too much sea moss isn’t even good for you as a man.
This is a big swing and a miss because in the same culture where the black pepper theory stems from, you're fed Irish moss from you're a boy.

Mark Antony

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Don't know about that, but I know my pops usually says don't mess with the pepper seed (any pepper seed) so i'm always cognizant of that. A lot of the old sayings are to be taken with a grain of salt though, plus black pepper has magnesium and zinc which would only help in that area.
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Hard choice.

I'm assuming bread means all bread and potato means anything you can make out of potatoes.
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