Joined Sep 14, 2000
11 points for me, which I think is pretty good for a white dude who’s lived my entire life in California and have only spent a total of like 10 days in the South. :lol:

About half the things I’ve eaten on that list I’ve only had once though, like Gator Tails and Fried Green Tomatoes.
Joined Oct 14, 2008
Shocked I’m at 6 but I’ve really only eaten the more high end and common stuff from that list, like gumbo and po boys
Joined Oct 13, 2001
Had a woman in NC tell me she was gonna invite me to her moms house for thanksgiving and they were gonna have lots of that. I said what the hell is that? She told me what it is.... yaa i dont think so...
:lol: @ "Lots of it."

Did she plan on that being the dominating protein of the night or something?

Why did she feel the need to specify the AMOUNT? :lol:
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