Joined Jan 14, 2017
Yo I can't believe this!
I'm checking out the white castle site
They have a seafood crab cake slider?!
Who would order this?
The thought of it makes me wanna puke!
Please whatever you do DO NOT order any kind of seafood at white castle
Joined Oct 28, 2006
White Castle is good late night drunk food, but honestly the frozen ones legit almost taste like getting them at the restaurant. :lol:
Joined Jan 30, 2002
Post workout meal. Was worried when I read conflicting info that flat iron steak was tough and tender. It was tender even though I undercooked it then put it in the oven for a minute. Brussels sprout on the bottom. Back to eating chicken breast for the rest of the week lol

Fresh baked cookies. First batch were snickerdoodles, this batch added walnuts
Joined Jan 14, 2017
It's worth a try
It's not gonna blow you away
But I liked it
Plus my sandwich had a big piece of chicken which always scores points for the rooster :lol:
Joined Jul 18, 2012
Had a little get together at my place this past weekend. Ended up with way too much left over food in my fridge .. legit found a whole Costco rotisserie chicken in there.. :lol:

I'm not one to throw away perfectly good food, so I figured I'd upcycle that pale-*** bird. :pimp:


Finely chopped up some breast meat.. I think we can all agree on the lack of seasoning on the stock Costco chicken, so please, salt and pepper to taste.


Warm up some corn tortillas in the microwave, it helps soften them up and makes them easier to work with... Throw the chicken into the tortilla and roll them up. Tuck and roll like you're rolling a fatass blunt. I use half toothpicks to keep them rolled up. Otherwise they will want to open back up. DONT FORGET TO REMOVE THE TOOTHPICK, I learned that the hard way.. :ohwell:


I typically cook with olive oil, but for this dish, Mazola works best. At least that's what my grandma says.. try to lay the tacos into the pan seam first. Helps tie the seam and keep the thing from opening up when flipping.


Place on paper towel to remove excess oil


Simmer up some salsa "El Pato" to thicken ..


Cut up some avocados, The queso fresco and crema were purchased today, but I used some soggy *** lettuce from Sunday :smh: . Again, for the sake of not tossing out food :rolleyes .. could've ruined the dish. But thankfully it didnt. . 8)


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