Mark Antony

Joined Apr 30, 2010
Last time I tried those pizzas, basically same review. Over time i've warmed up to store bought stuff and probably would buy them again.

Roberta's frozen pizza, not bad. Great crust, again tasted like you copped a good pizza for lunch hours ago and just got a chance to warm it up when you got home. Probably not buying again.
Didn't grab a pic but the Table 87 frozen pizza was good. It was like you reheated a pizza you had for lunch after you got home late from work. Crust was very good, cheese was cool, the sauce was way too sweet though. Probably wouldn't buy again though as store bought pizza was never really my thing, probably just steal their idea and vacuum seal then freeze pizza from spots I like.
Joined May 25, 2004
We used to have Chester fried chicken here in all the hood gas stations and corner stores. Idk what happened but they’re all gone. It was not great but did the trick.
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