Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out


Joined Sep 21, 2012
Funny how many adults are just around watching it.
I'm sure they view it as cute/innocent.

We embarrass ourselves so often, whole event is wildin DJ, parents condoning it, whoever in the costume.

What's also asinine is that she doesn't know it's supposed to be "their" in this case. This post was remedial all throughout. 😆
I'm pretty sure nobody cares which there you use on social media or anywhere not work related.
Joined Apr 18, 2014
Prison? They served this mess to us in high school and called it "traveling taco." :lol:

Probably ran out of shells and thought they were being slick.
We got to pick between doritos or fritos but honestly I liked them. :lol:
Looked forward to those days more than say Italian dunkers which was cheesy garlic bread and marinara.... just give us pizza
Joined Dec 27, 2014
Frito pie and taco salad served out of a party-size bag of Doritos are 100% doing it and I feel sorry for anyone that hasn’t been blessed by the experience.
I'm all for the concept, ingredients work. But they served it to us in one of those snack sized frito bags. :lol:
Joined Dec 27, 2014
That's usually how they come.
Yeah it ain't enough. Would be like giving a 6'2" high school kid one taco bell taco for lunch. Then the next day they give us a mound of pasta and meatballs and garlic bread and salad. That used to irk me in high school. Proportions were hella off.
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