Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

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😄 Good script.
B/f paid for everything I bet too.
Wouldn't be surprised if the hugger hit that.

Dudes in that situation need to realize their strengths in settings like this. Should've stood up and made the hugger guy look small and say, "Umm Yea G thanks for coming, you can sit over there and grab yourself a drink. This is my girls special day, so everything is on me."
Play the cards right and the favor is in your hands.
Even her friends would start to look at the b/f differently...

Good skit though...
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More money, more problems... even in death. 😆🤑💰💀⚰

A boatload of people have come forward trying to get money off Diego Maradona now. There's even a bunch of kids claiming he's their dad trying to get paid.
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I better get a follow and support from the brethren then. :lol:

@slimcargos A few heads here follow me, no idea who it is though cause yall handles on the gram is totally diff than here.
Not saying you're lying but doesn't IG make influencers put "paid partnership" on posts? You just hashtagging.
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Not saying you're lying but doesn't IG make influencers put "paid partnership" on posts? You just hashtagging.
Nope. Ive never had to, some brands will make you put specific hashtags but thats about it. Not all of my posts are sponsored either, its actually more unpaid posts than paid posts (by a large margin).

I think in Germany youre legally required to put “ad” or whatever somewhere on the post.

Why ya’ll really trying to make me out for a liar? :lol: Me and other influencer friends been banking lately. Attributing that to the season + the jump in online sales cause of covid. I got a homie in the UK and when he told me what hes been pulling lately I wanted to rip my hair out.
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