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We used the water hose
And it didn't even have to be your house or your friends houses. Just see a hose, turn it on, start drinking :lol:
It was hot AF from the water still in the hose but then after like 10 seconds it was cool. And you could be a normal person and just drink from it from how the water was shooting to the side, or put your thumb over part of the hose like a weirdo and make it come out faster and drink from that.

And then after that you probably made some mud from all the water and depending on how many friends you were with, so your shoes got muddy. Good times, good times
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A co-worker just said the the COVID Vaccine isn’t really a vaccine, but rather a method to put nan-microchips into people. I’m done with life after this statement.
There are people on NT that believe this too....
There was an article that came out that said they were planning on putting gps trackers ON the vaccines to track where the vaccine's are going.
People just saw the words "gps" and "tracking" and automatically assumed the chips where going into their body....
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You're right about Kellen Winslow II being off at The U because I thought he was dumb when he proclaimed he was a soldier after a game. He came up with a stupid analogy that equated playing football with fighting in a war. Absolutely wrong context with that one.

My good friend's older brother thought it was his upbringing that caused him to be irresponsible, and this was several years before the rape charges. He thinks he grew up privileged with money and his Hall Of Fame dad didn't instill discipline.

I learned his dad groomed him to be a NFL player. I don't think his dad forced him to follow in his footsteps because I think he wanted to play ball himself, so I think his dad only focused on teaching him the game from that point and overlooked his problems from the early stages.

I agree with my friend's brother's point about his dad enabling his reckless behavior. But it can't be attributed to him committing rapes because those were his own sick choices. It's sad that his dad actually fully supported him all the way up to his conviction. He was so biased with his son, he actually had an outburst in court after his son was convicted and had to be ejected from the courtroom.

You're right about a 14 year plea bargain being somewhat lenient considering the high amount of rapes and victims involved during this years-long rampages.
This cat has some type of CTE and it's quite serious. Seems he used to behave this way even as a teen, probably from playing football from an early age.
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