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dmps excluded?
Yeah, sucks because that was the only thing I saw worth getting. Was gonna get some Lebron VI's, but they didn't have the color I wantedso I'll wait and hope they go on sale. Was also thinking about buying this Lebron sweatshirt online (since it said online only) and went to the store totry on one to determine the sizing and they didn't even have any. The FL nearest is weak. They also didn't even have any sale tags except for likethree or four shoes where it's usually that clearance or sale section
. Guess it's no surprise though. I haven't been to a FL in a long time though.
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Needed a new pair of shoes for working out so I picked up some Adistar Salvations. Didnt find anything else I wanted bad enough to get right now...but Istill have a few days to change my mind. Almost pulled the trigger on some Zoom MVPs but I dont care for any of the colorways that much so I passed. Thoughtabout the Zoom flight Clubs also.

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picked me up a CUBS fitted at champs. $24. not bad. kind of like the good ol days when fitted were that much, with tax.
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Footlocker exclusion list (the SAME at Champs and Footaction):

Since the DMP V's are a 5/23 launch, that's a no go with the coupon

ALL CDP's are a GO!!! Came upon a his/her set of 2/21's for my wife AND I for Less than the Kid's Size Retail Price($200 for you at home keeping score)!!!

If you're unsure, just let the salesperson/cashier ring up the coupon code: that code is the final authority. Any discounts on exclusions are done viaemployee codes, and those have to be verified & rung up by management.

In all my purchasing, the above list is straightforward & clear: as long as you're not shopping for any of the above, be prepared to receive adiscount.

Good shopping NT'ers
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got my little brother a pair of soldier 3 for his summer league. $84 after taxes . not too bad


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probably just getting some kobe shirts on their website and some nba socks...
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I think I'm just going to get some white Stan Smith's or/and some Superstars for the summer
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looking for: july 4th red sox hat 7 1/2, griffey freshwaters, flightposites (gold, eggplant and all black...if anyone knows what all of these are marked downto that would be amazingly helpful)

if anyone knows particular stores that still have them and prices that would be great....

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Picked up the Flight Clubs, looks pretty damn good and looks like it will perform well.
Also picked up the HD at Nordstrom Rack for $50, just couldn't resist for the price.
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