FOR SALE: DS Jordan Retro XIs - 2011 Concords, and 2010 Cool Greys sz. 11

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    Jul 1, 2004
    72A46125-25A8-46C1-B527-B5B1379CC1E1.jpeg 90B57103-6D82-4FE7-9AF4-F83C2CDF3DAC.jpeg 80903EE6-A964-432C-BB4B-CF534AE0F06B.jpeg B48E4F82-C320-4C0A-AE1F-69B7FC357D57.jpeg 912D4BBE-651E-43BB-99D1-89043D8A0B22.jpeg 0764A6C5-EAF9-4C79-B25B-C03A43E4CF4D.jpeg For sale are deadstock, 100% authentic Jordan XI Concords (2011) and two pair of Greys (2010). Still factory laced and never even tried on. The soles have some of the expected yellowing that occurs over time in storage, but still look good. They all come in the original box, but do not include the paper that came with the shoes. I removed the paper when I purchased since back in the day we thought that it contributed to yellowing soles.

    Anyway, I stopped collecting after the Concords. I used to sell a ton of sneakers on Niketalk when the original site was up, and those transactions all went well. Been selling off my collection recently on StockX, but figured selling some of my most beloved pairs here on NT would make my retirement from the shoe game official and also help some fellow NTers.

    - Shoes will be shipped double boxed, only in the U.S.
    - Only accept verified Paypal
    - Best way to reach me is via PM
    - All sales final
    - Concord - $475 OBO
    - Cool Greys - $450 OBO
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