For those who actually hoop in Js

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I personally prefer my 2's, but ive only tried hoopin in my 2's and 11 low tops and my 2's are a million times better...
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i hoop in most of my jay's and i'd say my favorite is the 16. but the following are great balling shoe as well: 11,12,19,20,22,7 and 9
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have personally balled in the

xii, xiii, xiv, xvi

however the xviii's look comfortable with the carbon fiber insole, any additional opinions on the 18's to ball?
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Originally Posted by rossh123

this has been asked before
yea like i said i'm sorry if it's been posted. but thaks for replying. it looks like the xx-2009 are the ones i need to try. the Xs are nice shoes aswell pple should check those out. the traction isnt a problem. The VIIIs i would never recomend. but i guess it should be based on how you play. I like tocross over and take it to the rim, so i prefer shoes like the XIIs because they're not to heavy and they have nice ankle support and traction.
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Originally Posted by DrJayIV

XII's are extremely comfortable imo, but I really love the VIII's

I'm surprised not many people mentioned the VIIIs these are by FAR the most comfortable J out for ball... or the X those are ill too
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