Frank Sinatra 'was cocaine dealer and business partner of Pablo Escobar'

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[h1]Frank Sinatra 'was cocaine dealer and business partner of Pablo Escobar'[/h1]
  • 08:58, 7 Nov 2015
  • Updated 09:42, 7 Nov 2015
  • By Gerard Couzens

[h2]Sebastian Marroquín - son of the famous druglord - has made sensational new claims about his father's connections to the rich and famous[/h2]

Partners: Sinatra 'was a better cocaine dealer than singer', it has been claimed

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s son has sensationally claimed singer Frank Sinatra was his dad’s business partner.

Sebastian Marroquín described the legendary crooner as a "better cocaine dealer than singer" in an interview with a Brazilian newspaper.

He said the American artist was one of his dad’s partners in Miami.

Asked how he could be so sure of his extraordinary claims, Marroquin told respected newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo: "There are more singers than you can imagine that began their careers thanks to the sponsorship of drug traffickers.

"There are no receipts, just words. I know because I was very close to my father and he and his partners always spoke about that."

He added: "I can tell you that Sinatra was a better cocaine dealer than a singer. He was one of the partners of my father in Miami.

"Drugs cartels only exist below Mexico’s border with the United States.

"Where is the Miami cartel? Or the New York cartel? Who is the head of the Chicago or Los Angeles cartels?"


Claims: Sebastian Marroquin son of Colombian drug boss Pablo Escobar

"Each kilo of cocaine that enters the United States is converted into eight with the help of poison. There’s a great amount of hypocrisy when it comes to drugs."

Frank Sinatra’s links to the Mafia have been well-publicised, although former 007 Roger Moore insisted last year the ties were exaggerated and were rumours based on unknown visitors having their picture taken with the singer in his dressing room.

A new Woody Allen biography published this week in the States claimed Sinatra asked the Mafia to murder the film director as revenge for betraying his ex-wife Mia Farrow.

Pablo Escobar’s brother revealed in his 2009 book about the drugs trafficker that they once dined with Frank Sinatra “on petty cash” during a holiday in Las Vegas.

Roberto Escobar said the dinner took place in a private room at Caesars Palace and afterwards they took a scenic helicopter tour together.

But he claimed in the book - ‘The Accountant’s Story’ - that the American friend who introduced them told Sinatra the Escobars were real estate developers.

The meeting took place before Pablo, who at the height of his career supplied about eighty per cent of the cocaine smuggled into the US, became the name he is today.

“It was an honour for us,” Roberto said in the book.

“When I met him I actually had goose bumps, but I had to be cool to maintain my position."


Controversial: Pablo Escobar drugs lord head of the Medellin drugs cartel

“During dinner Pablo told Sinatra that we were going to make a helicopter tour the next day and Sinatra asked to come with us.

“The next day Frank Sinatra became our guide as we spent about an hour and a half flying all over the area.

“Supposedly, after Pablo became infamous our friend who had arranged this got a phone call from Sinatra.

“‘I’ve been watching TV’, he said. ’Is that Pablo Escobar the guy we met in Las Vegas?’

“I don’t know what happened after that, but I guess Sinatra said very firmly that he didn’t want to be associated with Pablo. And until now he never has.”

Sebastian Marroquin is one of Pablo Escobar’s two children.

The druglord died in a shootout on a rooftop in the Colombian city of Medellin after making a phone call to his son which enabled the authorities to track his location.

Sebastian, who was 17 at the time, fled with his mum and sister to Mozambique before emigrating to Argentina where they are now based.

He apologised to the sons of victims his late father ordered assassinated during a 2009 Argentine TV documentary.

He also wrote a best-selling book called ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father’ published last year using his birth name Juan Pablo Escobar instead of the alias he adopted before going on to study architecture.

The 38-year-old maintains his dad was not killed by police as Colombian authorities say, but committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.
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Well, according to folklore, he was adored by gangsters.

Think I'm going to listen to ole blue eyes today. Him and King Cole.
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I don't doubt it. You can see these dudes he hung around with on those old Dean Martin roasts snorting stuff on camera the savages :lol:
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In The Sopranos, I love how they had a poster of his mugshot hanging on the wall in the "office" of Bada Bing:
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Didn't Sinatra have ties to the mob?

I don't think anyone should be surprised.
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I dont think anyone has ever claimed Frank Sinatra to be a "good guy".
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Makes sense, dude was plugged in with celebs, might as will cut out the middle man and make that bread
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Would be surprised if this WASNT true :lol:

FBI had like 2000+ pages on Sinatra and his ties to the mafia. A Sinatra biopic would be :pimp:
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Before I knew about his mob ties I was obsessed with him he just seemed like a super cool dude
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Sinatra live at the sands is a must vinyl or cd.

Just chillin music or grown party music.
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