Gems: shoes that you have or had that rarely surface anymore

Joined Feb 7, 2010
i had a lot more shoes in the past than I do now

Got rid of many due to numerous reasons...getting married, buying a house, having kids, having limited time to wear due to work, aged shoes falling apart

Note, none of the pics I’m going to post are mine but here’s some stuff I used to have


Will post more later...a couple of things I wanted to post I couldn’t find and a couple I couldn’t even remember the name of the model
Joined Feb 7, 2010
^I had several Trainer SC Bo’s, several Trainer 1’s and 3’s as well

Couldn’t find a pic of the light grey/yellow

They were hard to come by

Might be able to find an old thread with pics under my previous username
Joined Jan 25, 2010
There’s something about the hunt. Even with platforms such as goat and stockx I still have trouble finding certain pears. Was blessed to find these. Feel like a kid again :nthat:
Joined Feb 7, 2010
could never find the green monsters in my size...or if I did not at a price I was willing to pay

the white monsters I had I actually purchased from an outlet
Joined Sep 17, 2016
there were some AM95s back from 2000 that had a light grey gradient with orange hits that I loved. wore those into the ground. there was also a red version that I had that got blood all over it so basically a disaster. I don't believe Nike has ever retroed any 95s with those lighter grey gradients. can't find any pics on google.
Joined Feb 7, 2010
for the most part, I only like Air Max 95's w/ a gradient

I had the brown gradient w/ orange air bubbles...actually found a pic I posted years ago on my old username doing a search the other night

I will post a pic later

always loved the dark blue gradient w/ yellow air bubbles, aka Michigans
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