GOAT APP legit?

Joined Mar 24, 2017
Shipped a pair to Goat and been waiting over 2 days now for payout, never took longer than a day with goat, also the "pending credits" in the credits tab has disappeared for this order, anyone else in the same boat? Hoping the delay is normal and they haven't fcked up my sale
Just happened to me. It most likely means there was an issue with the pair you sent in. Mine had a damaged box and I ended up offering 5% off and buyer accepted.
I’ve also been waiting for a payout on a pair that was delivered last Tuesday smh.
Joined Aug 12, 2012
My return was accepted. So I accepted the GOAT credit & bonus credit for receiving the wrong "verified" shoes last week...

After shopping for a few days I placed a competitive offer on another shoe I wanted it was accepted late on Sunday...

The order now shows "Searching for a replacement" but there is tracking number posted.... What in the total F is going on over there...????? :rofl:
Joined Oct 24, 2010
I did. It’s way better than the goat app.
App development is still pretty far behind stockx but it’s much closer to becoming a true alternative.
they sent me the initial email but nothing today or lately? am I able to sign up?

Joined Aug 9, 2012
they sent me the initial email but nothing today or lately? am I able to sign up?

They sent me a personal link. If you got that email then it should be there.
Btw I only sold 3 things ever on goat and bought 1 so no idea why they sent it to me. I kinda assumed they just invited everyone.
Joined Nov 25, 2003
So are they eventually transitioning away from the goat branding or is just fc? I linked my goat account to alias, seems I can’t use both apps.
Also noticed on alias, on sales they require to include a packing slip with a QR code. Haven’t sold in a while, Is it the same within goat?
Joined Aug 12, 2012
For my most recent order, the first pair obviously failed inspection. The order now shows "Shipping to GOAT" for the second time...

Guess they don't want to give me more credit for another failed transaction.
Joined Nov 25, 2003
When I confirmed a sale, got an email right away titled, “Shipping Label Error”. Few hours later got the proper label email. Weird.
Hey @samkqboro,

We see that you didn’t receive your shipping label.

We will message you back once we are able to generate one on your behalf.

Just noticed that after the initial sale confirmation email that usually has the “Price” sold and “Amount Made” totals but now the Alias’ shipping label email shows “Your Earnings” which deducts the 2.9% cash out fee.
With my previous GOAT emails, “Your Earnings” amount was the same as “Amount Made” total, without the 2.9% cash out fee shown.
Joined Aug 12, 2012
My "finally verified" replacement order is being shipping from Lantau Island, Hong Kong.
Joined Feb 4, 2015
Filed a charge back a few weeks ago, their CS has gone nonexistent since last month. They haven’t banned my account, but the app seems to have a glitch when I try to submit new offers.
Joined Nov 19, 2018
Does anyone know if GOAT has ever waived ACH fees? Just received funds from a sale and debating if I should hang on in case they have a promo during holiday season. 🤔.

^btw FC's IG says all their stores are closed due to COVID.
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