Goku vs Superman

Joined Sep 10, 2005
Pretty sure this a troll thread.

But Goku been able to beat Superman. Now that he has UI. It ain' even fair.
Joined Feb 12, 2015
Lmao Superman can't even beat Kid Buu... Kid Buu destroyed the entire Milky Way and if Supe don't got the Sun or a Star a closeby then he's doomed

& we all know Goku can now kill Kid Buu with ease.

Goku doesn't stand a chance against Thanos tho
Joined Nov 20, 2007
I use google search for niketalk.

I dont know whay happened but at some point the search function was really good. There were also some other good features on mobile then the search went to ****.
Joined Jul 18, 2013
"The question asked more times than any other" yet you still felt the need to ask it again.
Superman, and it's really not close. He's extremely nerfed in tv and movies.
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