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My body is ready for Winged Foot. DJ the obvious, deserving favorite but I like Morikawa at 18-1 or Day at 40-1 (long shot, I know). Thought we would have gotten slightly better odds on Rahm. Someone bet $45,000 on Lefty to win.
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Excited to see how the scores shake out tomorrow, the course should be devilish. Some are predicting the winner to be over par which would be wild.

I’m picking Justin Thomas to win.
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The winner will almost certainly finish over par. The five times Winged Foot hosted U.S. Open, only Fuzzy finished under par in ‘84. Cue the USGA complaints about course playing too hard.

Edit #1:
Norman was under par with Fuzzy in 1984 playoff.

Edit #2:
Good call on Thomas, strong start.

Viktor Hovland was my dark-horse pick. Making the cut would be a good building block for his bright future.
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Course playing MUCH tougher today, only Bryson (68 ) and Bubba (69) with rounds under par so far.
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Who is Wolff?

3 shot lead into the clubhouse at this juncture is pretty significant. Especially with everyone else falling back.
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This thread is mainly for the casual -- or avid -- golfers on NT, but PGA discussion is probably unavoidable.

I started getting into golf a few summers ago, but was never a consistent goer. I've collected a few clubs here and there, mainly hand-me-downs and I'm ready to go from a just-a-thing-to-do golfer to more casual. As in, I want to go at least, two weekends a month, but try for 4 or 5 times in total a month.

I suck though. :lol:

I heard everyone starting should get lessons, so I'll get on that. Other than that, the best tip I received thus far is in terms of driving. I'm the common slicer guy, but an in-law suggested rolling over my left hand (I'm a right handed golfer, if that helps) more inwards on my grip in order to eliminate the slice. For the most part, that has helped tremendously. Now my goal is consistency, but also learning my clubs.

I went to the driving range yesterday and only hit with my pitching wedge and driver. I need to get down my distances and various shot techniques with my pitching wedge -- I feel that it's important -- before I advance to the other clubs. Normally, I'd guess at what club to use or listen to someone else I'd be playing with, but the results were scatter shot, so I'm stripping myself to the basics for now.

Cliff notes - Let's talk playing golf!

Advice? Comments? Shared jubilation of a golf thread?
My advice is while at the range focus on your irons. Newer players always want to focus on their drivers.
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😂 idk why your post showed up on my phone as most recent. Anyways you should be way better now being that it’s been 4yrs 😂
Needless to say, I've honed in my driver as much as I can right now for the most part...trying to figure the irons. :ohwell:
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Nah man...hope he doesn’t have serious injuries


WOW :frown:

Tmz saying he’s having surgery right now on his leg(s)
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Hope he is alright

Lots of people were posting about how faded he looked Sunday at Riviera... Hope he isn't back on the pills.
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Damn. Really hope this was just a bad accident and no "factors" at play

Sounds like its not life threatening though thankfully
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