GOT EM' - Kicks x Pop Culture

Joined Apr 30, 2021
New here and wanted to share some work. Here's a series I've been working on. More to come with each drop.
IG: E_R_11_C

Yall get these drops or you still taking Ls?

Travis Scott x Meowth_Got em.JPG Van Damme Got em.JPG
Lilo and Stitch Got em.JPG Alchemist x Jordan 4 University Blue_Got em.JPG
Blastoise x John Wick Got Em.JPG Bruce Lee x Hitmonlee Got Em.JPG
Griffey x Cubone Got Em.JPG Snoop x Wiz x Oddish Got Em.JPG
SubZero x Ice King.JPG Mermaid Barnacle x Majikarp.JPG
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