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I didn't even know Dunleavy was in the front office....

has he been there long? I read that he was 'elevated to Assistant GM'
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Actually looking forward to this season. Not as talented as before obviously, but the uncertainty makes things more exciting and we definitely have a chance to surprise people this season. It's going to be tougher but you never know what can happen as long as everyone is healthy come playoff time.

Early return on Fitz+Buike pairing....seems like Buike is just echoing Fitz on the broadcast...I really miss JB badly. I have a feeling Fitz is going to be really, really unbearable now.
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i know... i would've liked to have JB and Buike....

two guys that actually played the game and was in the league....
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So far I have one game mapped -- Knicks on 12/11

Hoping for another 2-3.

Had to be strategic internally.

I'm excited for the season for a variety of reasons - put the noise behind everyone, focus on the core talent (SC, KT, Dray) and develop the young talent. It's crazy to not have full outright championship aspirations and this team will absolutely have its challenges, but it could be really fun along the way...
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can't say im too surprised by the results of today's game. clips are an elite team that made it to the playoffs and then added kawhi.

defense was in shambles. no rotation whatsoever and no weakside help when dudes were coming down completely wide open lanes. but I imagine it'll get better once the team plays more games together.

in any case, i like what i saw from the young players. need jacob evans to keep playing/shooting with confidence. eric paschall is a player. dude moves on the court like he's been playing pro for a few seasons. strong on the glass and pretty good at finishing in traffic for a rookie. i didnt realize he was at fleet footed as he is.
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I read a tweet this morning that there's a possible rift between the coaching staff and the Lacobs about how they assembled this roster this offseason. Kerr is keeping it real with his comments.

0-2. The Warriors have yet to lead in a game. Outside of Steph, DLo, and Dray, there isn't much consistency on that roster.

Paschal is defending pretty well. Poole doesn't have his shot going. Spellman is meh.

This reminds me of the Cohan Era Warriors. What a great reminder! lolol
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